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04. 04. 2015
Being one of three sisters, I naturally always compare myself to my siblings. I am the middle child, and growing up, both of my sister had lovely long locks, whereas I literally drew the short straw, and had a very short bob, with a blunt cut fringe!

So since the age of 14 I have been on a mission to grow my hair as long as I could. I am now 31, and until three weeks ago, I had continued that mission. These photos have all been taken in the last 12 months, and looking back on them now, I can’t believe how long my hair really was.

I’ve always been a girly girl.  I adore shopping for shoes, clothes, accessories, and then getting home to style everything together. However growing up I was never into make-up. Fifteen years ago we didn’t have access to You Tube tutorials or bloggers and my big sister didn’t really wear make-up, so for me, growing my hair, and having envious long locks was my way of prettifying myself, and i guess hiding my lack of make-up expertise.

So why haven’t I changed my hair in 17 years? On reflection of writing this post, I admit I hated having my hair tied back because I thought I had a fat face, and hated my side profile, and so having my hair long, framing my face would slim my appearance, and without it, I felt like another Plain Jane.

So for the past 17 years, I have avoided the hairdressers, I would leave it years between cuts. It is only in the past 2 years that I have really started to look after it (and thats mainly as I need the regular colour to cover my greys). I’ve had lots of colours, had highlights, ombre, but the length has remained at the bottom of my spine.

It has only been in recent months I really felt the need for a change. I envied people who would have the balls to just cut it all off.  I was fed-up of my hair, the lack of style, the length was weighing it down,it looked lifeless, and I dreaded washing and drying it. I am a  mum to a 16-month old, and work full-time, I can’t spare an hour just to sort my hair.

I think the need for a change is also down to how much more relaxed i feel about my looks. I am a lot more accepting of who I am, my features and my shape. I am finally experimenting with make-up, contouring, and colours and having so much fun, and in doing this realised that I could make a lot more fun if i changed my hair. I wanted something clean cut, a defined style.

I made the leap, and cut 7inches (at least) off my hair, and went for a much more modern cut. I lived with this for a week, but I wanted even more definition, and chopped another 1.5inches off. I can wear it straight, tied back or curled (and they stay!!) So many options, and it takes me 15 minutes in the morning. Best decision i have made in a loooooonnngg time!



Worst case scenario… will grow back!
For 17 years my hair was my comfort blanket, what’s yours?

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