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03. 07. 2014


When allabouttink  tagged me in this, my response was “but I don’t travel, what do I have to write about”, but then she kindly pointed out, so far this year I have been to Paris, Cornwall, and tomorrow I will be driving to and around France for 10 days! I stand corrected.

I guess as I haven’t done the typical ‘traveller’ journey to Asia, Thailand and Australia, I didn’t think I could answer the questions. I was wrong, I have been lucky to travel a lot from a young age, so here my answers….

Wanderlust cornwall 2014
1. You most treasured passport stamp?
Without a doubt New York, this is my dream destination, and I was lucky to be taken by my mum when I was 18. I haven’t been that many places that actually stamp your passport, but i think this will remain my most treasured. 

2. Can you recite your passport # from memory?
Nope, ask me to recite my bank card, I think those numbers are ingrained in my brain…perhaps too much online shopping.

3. Preferred method of travel: Planes/Trains/Automobiles?
I have always been great with planes,  but now having a baby I think automobile it is! Plus this way, we get to take the scenic route, and stop off at the cool secret places on the way!

4. Top three travel items?
Firstly my phone, I know this is a bit geeky, but combined in this one item is my banking, a camera, a phone, a notebook, my kindle, my boarding passes, currency convertors, translators, the list is endless, second my passport, as this is essentially my ticket to the rest of the world, and finally some cash. I am the worst for carrying cash, I just charge everything to my card, but when I am abroad, I don’t feel comfortable unless I have a little cash on me. 

Wanderlust andorra
5. Hostel or hotel?
I have only stayed in a hostel once, it was a uni trip to Prague, fantastic, but I would always opt for a hotel if only the two options were available. I haven’t been traveling, and if I ever did i would opt for hostels, mainly due to cost, but also you meet people, and make friends so much quicker. I would probably choose neither, my preference is to rent an apartment, villa or house, this way you can eat out, or stay in and cook, and now having a child, having somewhere to prepare food is essential.

 6. Are you a repeat visitor or do you explore new places?
I would say up until a couple of years ago, I was a repeat visitor, but I think that was because I didn’t have too many holidays, maybe one every couple of years, so if I was going away, I would want to know I was going somewhere I was definitely going to enjoy.  As I have been able to afford more holidays, I definitely want to go to new places, and see more of the world. Even though we have Harry, I am hoping this doesn’t restrict us, and we can share our new experiences with him. 

7.  Do you read up on your destination (culture, history, safety) or do you wing it?
I read up places of interest at my destination, and when I have been places such as Marrakech, I did a fair bit of reading about what clothes we should wear, and what the rules are for women. This was so we didn’t get ourselves into any trouble, and so we were respectful of their culture. If i was going somewhere very touristy, such as Marbella, I wouldn’t do any background.

8. Favourite travel website?
The best flights site is, there is an app, and it is easy to use. I run everything I book by I know you shouldn’t get bogged down in other peoples reviews, so I try to look mainly at the positives, and just read one or two of the negatives, if there are any.


wanderlust Paris

9.Where would you recommend a friend to visit? Name a place and why?
Without a doubt New York, or Paris. I have always been a beach lover, and never one for trekking around cities, but these two are so dreamy! I was never fussed about seeing the Eiffel Tower, but when I walked up to it, it took my breath away. New York, what is not to love, the people are great, the food is fab, the whole city is just so chic and effortless. 

10. You’re leaving tomorrow, money is no option. Where would you go?
The Maldives, to stay in one of those huts with the clear blue water below, and white beaches. 

As I am so new to this blogging, I don’t have many bloggers to tag, but here goes

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  1. Tink Jayne says:

    See, I told you your a traveller!
    Love that you know your bank card deets off by heart, haha x x x

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