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So, I thought I’d post an update of my June fitness progress, especially as I am having a total fat day so need to get motivated!!!!!!

Week 1: 2nd – 8th – disappointing!
Only did two Fitstar sessions and still no runs! Harry has cut down his morning naps to about 40 mins – 1 hour so I chose to do Fitstar, as these only take 30 mins and my run is at least 40 minutes, and I hate having to stop before my app program finishes. I was eating unhealthy but I did probably have a drink every night! I vowed the rolling week I would be better.

Week 2: 9th – 15th – an improvement
I did 3 Fitstar sessions this week, and three two mile walks with Harry, plus I cut down my alcohol consumption! I also started hula hooping. This was really hard, I did ten minutes, and in that only managed to continuously spin for 25 seconds! I have got a play hula hoop, after a quick Google I soon realised I needed a proper fitness hula hoop if I want to take this seriously. I read an article written by a mum vying to loose her baby weight through hula hooping. This has inspired me to continue, but not sure I want to invest in the real deal hoop until I know I will continually make use of it.

Week 3: 16th – 22nd – getting motivated
I am writing this on the 22nd, having been on holiday with my parents, Rich an Harry in Cornwall most of the week. I did my Fitstar, and a 4 mile hike on Monday and Fitstar again on Wednesday and Thursday and I did ten minutes of hula hooping too. I am really proud I still did my exercise whilst away, my healthy eating went a bit off track as mum only bought white bread (rich is in heaven as I only buy wholemeal) and we have had a couple of drinks each night. Today I am having a day off, mainly so I can get this blog post out!

As motivation to continue my exercise, I decided to take a picture and post it on here (feeling brave!!!!)

me - before.jpg.


Waist: 30″ / Hips: 36.5″

In August I am going to post an update picture (gives me chance to recover and make up for holiday drinking in July). Fingers crossed I will have trimmed at least an inch.

I am also considering buying a FitBit Flex, my sister has one and loves it, and a couple of my friends have them. This is a wristband that records your daily movement and documents everything in an app. It also monitors your sleep (and I am not a great sleeper). Recording how long you slept for, how many times you woke up and also wakes you up silently so you don’t wake your partner up. This may help me find out why I don’t sleep great, whether it’s my diet, my exercise or lack of.

If anyone has used a Fitbit please let me know whether you would recommend one? They are fairly expensive so would be a big investment for me.

Hints and tips welcome for eating health eating as I really struggle for non-carb based breakfast and lunches. I am having a juice for either one at the moment.

Wish me luck!!


2 responses to “Save and get skinny – June update”

  1. Vicki Hughes says:

    I think u look awesome in your photo! Id be made up to look like that. I read somewhere ‘what u eat in private, u wear in public’ and always stuck with me. Do u like eating sweet potatoes? (If not i can give u different ways to cook them). I think there amazing, so yummy. And they contain something like 400% vitamin a and there a ‘good’ carb. So ive replaced white potatoes with sweet pots. Also replaced white bread with wholemeal, eat wholemeal pasta and brown rice. Im quite lucky in the sense that i love healthy food anyway and never see it as a ‘diet’ or ‘chore’. And im obsessed with oranges and melon at the mo. For brek u could make banana and egg pancakes? (Whisk 2 eggs with a chopped banana and thats it). Serve with raspberrys. Or an omelette. Eggs are so good for u and so cheap. And keep drinking plenty of water. Urine should be clear…if its yellow your dehydrated. If i think of any more tips i’ll let u know but u look pretty good to me! (Also do u lift weights? Awesome for weightloss and speeding your metabolism, its actually better for u than cardio and gives quicker results). Also do squats. The best, effective way of a good ass! And it costs nothing. When i have a sweet tooth and crave choc, i have good old peanut butter on wholemeal bread. Sorts me right out xx

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Vicki, Thanks!! this is really helpful. I actually make sweet potato for Harry all the time, and dont think to eat it myself, and i didnt know how many vits it had in it. I love the sound of banana and egg pancakes – when i was pregnant i was addicted to pancakes. I will be trying these tomorrow. I never think of having eggs, but that is a good call, esp as you can do so much with them. I am so bad at drinking water, if i have a bottle of water i will drink it, but if i have a glass it could sit there all day. I have been eating wholemeal everything, so thats a good start i guess, and we dont eat a huge amount of pasta anyway. I LOVE peanut butter, so i might try having this as a snack, and i love fruit, and have been making it for Harry so just going to double up and do us both some!! Thanks hun! some great ideas for me to try! xx

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