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So my little man arrived 5 months ago, and it is only in the past 4 weeks I have really got myself in to gear with loosing the baby weight. To be fair, I lost a stone through breastfeeding alone, but as soon as I stopped (when bubba was 3 months), my weightloss pretty much stopped too. This was when I knew I was going to have to work to get the last 11lbs gone!

So I cancelled my gym (if you’re a mum you know it is impossible to get to the gym with a newborn in tow!), and bought a treadmill, downloaded a running app, Running for weightloss PRO, and challenged myself to at least three runs a week ( I will write about this in a separate post!). I also started a training program, that would build my core strength using an app called, Fitstar .

I set myself an end goal, my friends wedding in May. I knew I would be seeing people who hadn’t seen me since I was pregnant (and I was huge), and I wanted to feel good about myself, and enjoy the weekend without worrying I looked overweight or be self conscious about my outfit.

So I realistically gave myself about 6 weeks (in hindsight this was nowhere near enough time). I had no idea how hard it would be to shift the final bit of weight! I can tell you I started at 10st 11lbs and I am still 10st 11bs! However, my body shape has really changed, my pre-pregnancy clothes fit nicely, I can see some definition across my stomach, but it is very frustrating to still be 11lbs over my pre-baby weight. I think I just have to  accept having a baby has changed my body in more ways than one, and that I need to just continue my current training regime and hopefully I will get back my flat stomach, preferably before another baby arrives.

In a last minute attempt to shed some lbs (mainly so I can indulge with my best pal in Paris the weekend before the wedding) I am completing a 3-day juice detox with Jason Vale’s app, I will be writing a post shortly about my experience and results!

I just have to remember, weight is just a number, the most important thing is how I feel in myself and that I have a healthy happy family!


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