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As mentioned in my post No more (baby) weighting around , I am doing a 3-day juice detox in a last minute attempt to shed some lbs before a trip to Paris with my best friend . I have a wedding the week after my Paris trip, and can’t risk not fitting in to my dress! Therefore my plan is to loose at least 3lbs with this detox, then I can indulge when visiting Katy, as she is forever telling me about the delicious food and wine she has been consuming since her move to france, and still fit in my dress.

I originally heard about Jason Vale / Juice Master from a friend who is also trying to shed those post-baby pounds! She is doing the 5-day juice detox, at the same time as me. I think she is a little crazy going straight in at the 5-day but she has more will-power than me.

Detox in summary: I can only have juice and water for 3 days!!! You are meant to loose between 3-7lbs and cleanse your body.

In preperation
I searched my loft for the juicer I bought about 6 years ago (if not longer), it had all the main components, few extras missing, but it would do! Dusted it off, now I just needed the app and my ingredients.

I downloaded the app (cost £2.99), and got my shopping list. You can buy a book for £9.99, but I thought I would try the app first and if it is something I want to continue with, I can buy the book.  Even though they recommend buying the highest quality fruit and veg (they recommend organic), I knew this would cost a fortune, and I am on maternity leave so I dashed to my favourite supermarket – ALDI – got all my ingredients (bar the yoghurt and spinach) for £20! That’s less than £7 per day.




The app is great, it has videos, instructions and the reasons why you are consuming such foods. The videos I find very helpful, there is one each day to coach you through the day and also explain how you are likely to be feeling, and why.

I’ve completed my first day of my detox and will be writing up my experience in my next post.

Fingers crossed it works!


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